Wellflex Energy Solutions provides full-service automation, control systems services and fabrication. Our in-house capabilities include design, engineering and integration of automation, control, analytical and information systems. Whether integrated into a full turnkey ModFlexTM System or troubleshooting an existing control system, Wellflex has the capabilities to find a solution to meet our customer most demanding needs.

By utilizing Wellflex’s full suite of capabilities from process equipment design to control systems, operators can dramatically reduce installation time and total cost of ownership for facilities. Wellflex designs, assembles, programs, installs, and integrates all systems in a climate controlled shop environment to increase quality and efficiency. Our field service team follows our systems into the field for final installation and commissioning of our plug and play systems. Wellflex also provides automated field solution services and maintenance for all their products and applications.

Additionally, Wellflex’s fabrication facility designs, manufactures and integrates an extensive and diverse selection design PLC Panels, MCC Buildings, control consoles, cabinets, marshaling/junction boxes, relay panels, analyzer sampling systems and many various industrial panel applications.

Please see a full list of our services and capabilities below:


- Professional Engineering
- I,C, & E PE Services
- Master Planning
- FRS Development
- Engineering Studies

- Consulting
- Process Design & Optimization
- System Architecture Design
- IP Collection & Mapping
- Standardization Initiatives
- OEM Packaged Solutions
- Corporate Energy Management

- Project & Program
- Management
- Technical, Schedule, and Cost
- Baseline Management
- Budget and Bid Preparation
- PM Standards Development


- Project Services
- PMI Based Project
- Management
- System Design
- Instrumentation & Controls Design
- CAD Services
- Documentation Services

- System Development
- Software (DCS, PLC, HMI, PC)
- Development
- UL-508 Panel and System Assembly
- Infrastructure Development
- System Simulation & Testing
- Factory Acceptance
- Installation

- System Startup
- Commissioning
- Site Acceptance
- System Training
- Turnover


- Ongoing Services
- Post Project Support
- Firmware Revisions
- Scheduled Maintenance
- Emergency Support
- Calibration Service

- Staff Augmentation
- Training Services
- Asset Management
- Software Revision Upgrades
- Plant Operations Support

- Project Data Enhancements
- Web Based Plant Monitoring
- Web Based Plant Documentation
- Remote Monitoring Services
- Network Management Services


Evaluate, design, install and service communications systems including:
- RF
- Satellite
- Cell
- FCC licensing
- Path loss and reliability studies
- Industrial networking
- Telecommunications


We also provide complete electrical design and service for:
- Compressor stations
- Pump jack facilities
- Transformers
- Motor control facilities
- Saltwater Disposal facilities
- Treating and recovery plants
- Other industrial applications


Wellflex Energy Solutions utilizes the latest in design technology to assist in detailed engineering, fabrication, and project management to provide our customers with most efficient, fit for purpose equipment. Wellflex prides itself on providing customers with expert product knowledge, creative solutions, and continuous support to ensure we are adding value to their operation. From Full Turn-Key Facilities to your most basic fabrication needs, Wellflex has the capabilities to design, build, and execute your next project.

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