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The Wellflex Lean Program extends beyond our walls.  Our Center of Excellence approach targets the development of people, processes, our product, and commercial objectives to create an overall organizational excellence enterprise.  The pursuit of excellence is shared by all of our partners and this program improves overall customer experience and allows for collaborative efforts in driving a culture of lean that impacts all companies involved.


Joint Improvement Projects with Customers and Suppliers

We believe that combining efforts with our customers can lead to break-through innovations.  Our Lean Program offers joint solutions including training, kaizen events and other activities hosted by Wellflex both online and on-site.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our success and are as much a partner as our customers.  Wellflex works with our suppliers to strengthen our relationship as well as enhance the interactions between companies.  This program offers the same interactive approach with our suppliers as with our customers.

In additional to driving improvement, these events facilitate stakeholders in gaining a better understanding of the overall value stream. We often use this opportunity to share best practice, new methodologies and to leverage concepts adopted by other segments of the marketplace to maximize and sustain profitability.


Areas of Focus

Our Kaizen approach drives improvement by challenging the status quo in breaking down paradigms to develop new innovations and methods.  We have developed a number of tools and methods that has been proven effective, resulting in significant cost reduction, drastic reduction of cycle times and improved overall customer experience.  Typically, these events are designed to concentrate on targeted areas:

  • Safety
  • Quality (critical to quality alignment and process control)
  • Delivery (Lead Time, Cycle Time)
  • Cost Initiatives
  • Labor Optimization (fabrication, assembly, field operations, project management)
  • Non-Value Add Processes and indirect labor (see more on our Office Lean Program)
  • Process (Development, improvement and innovation)
  • Product (Development, improvement and innovation)
  • Commercial Objectives
Kaizen Approach
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