Forward Thinking.

Leaning Forward.


Lean Oilfield Program

Wellflex understands that the Value Stream Map extends past our internal operations. Our unique approach to the Lean Oilfield Strategy is to offer coordinated solutions from design concept through installation. To truly optimize the lean experience, the entire value stream must be analyzed, to include customers and suppliers.  This approach often leads to changes in design concept, product changes as well as drastic improvements in non-product related (NVA) processes.  To see more about the non-product related improvements, visit our link to the Lean Office!


Process Mapping

Wellflex has designed a formal process of analyzing the value stream by using a modified SIPOC approach.  This approach is used for process mapping the entire Value Stream (design through install) or specific areas of a process, which is then broken down into more targeted (manageable) areas of concentration for improvement, elimination of waste or process improvement and controls. This is a fundamental step for understanding a process, sequence of interactions, input and output requirements and potential failure points, a crucial step in our Joint Improvement Projects and all Kaizen initiatives.

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