Forward Thinking.

Leaning Forward.


Organizational Excellence is only successful once you have established a culture of engagement at all levels of the workforce.  While defining the company’s core values and expectations of the work environment is important in creating the culture needed, management perception is often based on assumptions different than reality.  The organizational alignment to the lean strategy can be measured by the overall cultural state, as well as how it has changed over time.


The cultural assessments show progress in the ability of the organization to move to the next level.  Perception may be different depending on role, functional group and reporting structure, supporting the need for large sampling throughout the organization. The data is routinely analyzed to determine adjustments needed to areas of focus in the management strategy, as well as other potential changes needed in the organization.


Wellflex uses a set of tools in a systematic approach of analyzing the overall organization, as well as individuals.  This combination ensures alignment between the organizational values, goals and culture with employees.  Once established, the results drive dramatic improvement towards organization excellence at every level of the organization.  This approach is much more than a onetime survey.  The strategy includes tools used for the following:

  • Establishing assessments used for hiring practices to understand which candidates will best fit the organization
  • Creating routine assessments to drive individual alignment in demonstrating core values, ensuring employees understand their roles & areas of accountability and reviewing organizational expectations
  • Employee development programs, creating specific areas of target based on “same page” meetings


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