Forward Thinking.

Leaning Forward.


Wellflex prides itself as being a leader in lean manufacturing methodology and a model for successful transformation. In addition, the Wellflex Lean Program extends beyond our internal operations, including a 360° approach for customers and supplier engagement, designed to drive cultural transformation by targeting waste in a collaborative effort to optimize the entire Value Stream.

Wellflex has developed a unique business system approach that has been proven successful.  This model is designed with flexibility based on the organizational needs and has been proven effective.

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Operational Assessments

Determining “Current State” is a critical initial step in every continuous improvement project.  This assessment provides the baseline data needed to detail the strategic approach of prioritizing activities in an action plan.  Unlike a typical process audit, the areas of focus are not related to regulatory compliance, overall quality yields, but rather the approach.

One of the guiding principles in our approach is to focus on the process and the results will follow.  This assessment focuses on the organization’s strategy and effectiveness towards developing a lean program.  Key elements of focus include:

  • Effective use of lean concepts and tools in the process
  • Methods to ensure process control
  • Methods used for initial training, continued training and assessing competency
  • Employee empowerment and engagement in driving the lean program
  • Evaluating standard work practices, established structure and effectiveness
  • “Waste Walk” to observe visible areas of improvement within the organization
  • Providing impartial feedback from employees working within the process
  • Providing a summary of the current state of the lean program in place
  • Providing feedback for potential areas of improvement and strategy development

Operation Assessments provide a summary of the program effectiveness from an outside perspective.  In new systems, this approach assists in developing a program launch plan.  In existing programs, it offers insights towards program development, continuous improvement and routine checkups.


5S Consulting

5S is the backbone of our lean foundation and is typically the first program implemented in a new lean system.  An initial kaizen blitz can send a shockwave through the entire company, immediately changing the expectation throughout the organization, driving radical change with immediate results.  Our Lean Steering Committee consists of multiple individuals that have successfully implemented 5S programs in multiple industries and environments.  The most challenging of the 5S is sustaining.  Our program offers methods, training and documents that ensure long term results and continuous improvement of an effective 5S program.


Program Launch Support

Wellflex offers a cost-effective solution to assist in implementation of multiple programs (5S, CAPA and more)  or complete lean systems.


Wellflex has developed a strategic roadmap towards lean implementation plan that has been proven successful.  At high level, this approach can be outlined in the following phases:

Phase 1 - Outlining the Strategic Approach and Culture Needed

Phase 2 - Initial Rollout – Change Physical Flow and Set Expectations

Phase 3 - Organizational Alignment and Empowerment to support Lean Strategy

Phase 4 - Roll Out of Lean Organization and Wellflex Lean Program

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