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Wellflex offers consulting services to our customers and suppliers. We provide world class support for business systems through our experiences in multiple areas of expertise.  We focus on more than just teaching the tools and definitions of a Lean Program. Our team specializes in effective implementation and assistance in the execution of a strategic implementation plan.


Wellflex has created a unique approach in developing a Lean management system. The lessoned learned and the diverse team has been proven successful in multiple environments. As we refine our strategy, we realize the value and impact this can have on our customers.


The success of any Lean program is dependent on the support functions and sequence of interactions within the organization.  Our focus extends beyond operations, concentrating on effectiveness of operational support, including management provisions & support, quality management, supply chain management, as well as the overall assessment of the program.


An important part of engagement and empowerment includes educating the workforce. Wellflex has developed hands-on training courses and programs that are designed to be conducted at all levels of the organization.  These standard courses are customized to fit the individual business needs to support specific implementation approaches for each project.  For more information on the training courses offered, see our summaries under the Learning Center.



Wellflex has organized a team with extensive experience in Lean, operations management, quality and supply chain management.  This team has over 100 years combined experience in Manufacturing and Operational Support.  Our diverse team includes cross-functional roles with a strategy based on our proven approach.


The Wellflex team includes individuals from multiple industries, allowing for a cross-functional understanding of practices, methodologies, management approaches, operational requirements and standards. Every member of the team brings a unique experience in company turn-arounds, start-up operations, consulting, classroom instruction, auditing, six sigma and Lean manufacturing.


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