Forward Thinking.

Leaning Forward.


Wellflex has developed training courses specific to implementing and supporting a lean culture.



This course is designed to train employees on the fundamentals of lean.

Part 1: Lean Overview:

  • Adopting a Lean Methodology
  • Strategic Approach (Lean Implementation Roadmap, Management Support)
  • Waste Recognition
  • Lean Program (Principles of Lean, Lean Concepts, Center of Excellence Objectives)
  • Paradigms & Need for Change

Part 2: Deployment of Lean Methods and Tools:

  • Physical Flow: 5S, Cellular Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, Quick Changeover, Pull Manufacturing & JIT
  • Planning, Preparedness & Support: Visual Management Tools, Production Preparation Process, Total Productive Maintenance, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Theory of Constraints, Engagement, Empowerment & Support (Gemba, Genchi Genbutsu, Lean Leadership)
  • Process Control: (Standard Work, Leader Standard Work, Training Within Industry (TWI), Poke Yoke, Jidoka, Effective Waste Walks , Continuous Improvement (Kaizen, Root Cause and Corrective Action Techniques) , Radical Change (Kaikaku), Using Six Sigma Tools to Support Lean Program



We also provide additional training, including both classroom and hands-on TWI method on specific areas:

  • Targeted training for Lean tools
  • Waste Recognition
  • Lean Fundamentals
  • Effective Kaizens
  • RCA techniques (PDCA, DMAIC, 5-Why, etc)


Wellflex provides on-site, classroom as well as online training courses.  To find out more about our training options for customers and suppliers, visit our link Experience Our Approach for the services provided.   

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