Forward Thinking.

Leaning Forward.


Lean transformation is only successful once you have established a culture of engagement at all levels of the workforce.  Wellflex originally developed training material to educate our employees and kick start our Lean Program. The push for developing “change agents” within Wellflex has led to a dramatic business transformation, with employee empowerment and engagement at all levels throughout the company.

Our training material is based on lean manufacturing, a system originally developed by Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda.  We include elements of Training Within Industry (TWI), an approach ultimately inspiring the concept of Kaizen in Japan. We incorporate tools from Six Sigma methodology to enhance our Lean program through formal techniques of statistical analysis and process control.

Our approach to Operational Excellence is simple - educate the workforce to focus on flow of value to the customer as the primary objective throughout the organization.  Every employee knows the importance of their role within every process, how they impact the overall value stream and that they have a vested interest in the success of the entire system. In addition, we focus on our customer needs (both internal and external) to determine the outputs essential to support the requirements and sequence of interactions needed between processes.

Our focus is to train individuals to eliminate waste by effectively using the 3M’s (Muri, Muda, Mura) and the DOWNTIME model for waste recognition. The primary objective is to eliminate waste and gain an intimate knowledge in understanding the value stream.  The strategy of our entire training program is based on this focus, with the understanding that lean is a culture, not just a set of tools.

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