Engineering and Design

Getting your project started off on the right foot in a short amount of time can be chaotic at times. Wellflex has developed and proven it's workflow process to effectively expedite the Engineering and Design of the Facility. With a good start most all projects have a fighting chance to meet budget and deliver on time. Let Wellflex help with all your engineering needs we are dependable, courteous, and professional.


Fabrication / Manufacturing

We eat, dream, and breathe manufacturing here at Wellflex. Whether it's welding, threading, grooving we have the latest technology in place to enhance quality and reduce turnaround time. Our seasoned experts are some of the best in the industry and our in house safety record speaks for itself. When you are at the point in your project to begin execution, we are ready from large Central Processing Facilities down to Single well sites.


Installation / Construction

The day has finally come, you have your design, your vendors are in line, now all you need to do is deliver and construct. This should be the simple part, and it can be with the Wellfex Full Turnkey offering. From civil work to assembly and in-field modifications our construction teams are versatile and production driven to get your site up and ready to go online.


Maintenance Management Solutions

Nothing stays new forever, and the day to day maintenance of equipment ensures a long lifespan of your surface investment. Let us do the work of keeping your equipment "healthy" . We can set up a filter change schedule as well as relief valve testing program. Preventative maintenance is just one way to reduce risk in the life of your facility. Go with a team that knows how to design, build, and maintain it's products.


Start Up and Commissioning

Not only can we Engineer, Fabricate, and Construct but we can also turn it on for you. Wellflex has over 100 years of combined experience in process facilities and can commission large facilities down to single well sites. A professional team and structure that includes a final operational walk through and hand off to your team. Performance testing and Training are also available per your facility to ensure your team fully understands your facilities operations.


Rental Equipment Services

Sometimes a permanent solution is not the most economical solution. Wellflex is a huge supporter of mobile equipment and understands the need to "set and move" as wells decline or as production plays out. Let us help in providing a cost effective solution to your short term strategy.

Inventory Management

You've worked hard to find and gather your material for your project, but keeping it sorted and protected can be far more difficult. Wellflex has set up an Inventory MGMT process for customers that purchase material from Wellflex or Free-issue material to Wellflex. Starting with upfront communication and working into shipping and receiving items on time to maintain your project's schedule. Let us work for you and make material logistics a delight instead of a headache.

Sell Us Your Equipment

You may have stagnant equipment sitting in a yard near your region or even on site that you no longer need. Let us turn that into an opportunity for business. As we are in the business of providing oilfield equipment. If you have any surface equipment that you are interested in moving, please let us know, it might be a product that is in demand. And if not at this time, at least we can have it on our radar when an opportunity arises.

Training and Education

Teaching is a big part of Wellflex's Culture. Explaining the operations of a unit to a customer or completing a HAZOP with a new hire are all instances of growth in knowledge base. At the same time we love to learn new technologies and practices. If you are looking to help your team understand Facilities from design to operations we would love to be a source for learning. The Oil and Gas industry cycles up and down and there is always new talent coming into to job pool, let us help equip them with the right knowledge and know how to operate, design, and work safely.


Wellflex Energy Solutions utilizes the latest in design technology to assist in detailed engineering, fabrication, and project management to provide our customers with most efficient, fit for purpose equipment. Wellflex prides itself on providing customers with expert product knowledge, creative solutions, and continuous support to ensure we are adding value to their operation. From Full Turn-Key Facilities to your most basic fabrication needs, Wellflex has the capabilities to design, build, and execute your next project.

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